Version 0.1.0
Last updated 4th October 2007
  • Initial verison

I was just writing my first post about Flex which required some code examples in MXML and I found that currently GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter) doesn’t have a MXML language file, and I couldn’t find one when I did a few searches.

So using the XML language file as a base I quickly knocked together this rudimentary MXML language file for GeSHi. It should do all the basics, but I’d like to be able to switch languages with GeSHi in the middle of a file, e.g. in MXML it would be nice if GeSHi would allow me to say when it hits <mx:Script> switch to the Actionscript language.

Speaking of Actionscript, I’ve noticed that there is an AS2 language file for GeSHi, but not an AS3 one – I’ll probably do one of these, using the AS2 one as a base, if the need arises.

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