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Today I’m proud to announce the launch of a site I have been working on for quite a while, so without further to do I introduce to you Ignite Image, web design for musicians. is a website for my web design company Ignite Image, which specialises in creating stylish, modern, accessible, functional, professional, exciting and standards compliant websites for bands and musicians. I’m extremely proud of both the aims and objectives of this website and company and the website itself.
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Since starting to use Mach-II I have asked (and seen many others ask) the question; "Can I split the mach-ii.xml config file to make it more manageable."

There have been a few responses over time ranging from "you don’t need to" to split it into sub-applications, but just now on the Mach-II Coldfusion Topica list Jon Gunnip has posted an interesting solution to the problem.
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Updated Application Constants Mach-II PHP Plugin which addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed spelling mistake that caused PHP notice to be thrown when constants file has no common block.
  • Fixed bug whereby absolute paths for constants file would throw “file not found” exception.
  • Fixed bug in exception handling which would cause Mach-II to die.

View the Application Constants Mach-II PHP code page for the download and instructions on it’s implementation.

Mach-II 1.1.0 CF is now out. I’m guessing that most of the Mach-II community knows about this by now as even though they don’t seem too keen on shouting about things over at the official Mach-II site nearly everyone in the community has mentioned it.

I’ve not had time to look at it properly yet, but I’m definitely going to make time over the next couple of weeks to begin implementing it in our applications at work. This basically means cleaning up some of the cruft, but I want to implement it because of the following features:
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I have just added a PHP port of Martin Laine’s Application Constants Mach-II Coldfusion plugin to my new code section. It allows you to set application constants for multiple environments (development, staging, production etc.) in an XML configuration file, these constants are then read into the Mach-II properties.
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