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Screenshot of redesigned homepage, 22nd August 2006
…it’s all about the effects.

Today I came across the new website, I will point here out that I really like the library, my first thoughts were along the lines of "Ugh" or some other onomatopoeic word which in English would translate to "My eyes, it burns!".

As I said just now, and would like to re-iterate, I really do like the library and even extend it in one of my code projects.

I suppose the gratuitous use of the available effects is meant as a show-case of what you can do with But the site’s tagline, it’s about the user interface, baby! is the real kick in the giggle berries for me, this is exactly what it should be, a show-case of how can enhance the UI, not how it can make it inaccessible and difficult to use while concentrating on the effects. The fact that they didn’t manage to do both is what really bothers me in the end.

Just a quick note to say that the JavaScript Image Cropper UI has been updated to version 1.1.3.

This adds the requested feature to allow you to set dimensions & position for the cropper on load, for example if you want to start the cropper with a previously selected area for a given image, say when the rest of a form this is part of doesn’t validate, this will allow you to do that.

As well as fixing a tiny bug in the CSS I’ve fixed a slightly larger one where pressing ‘remove cropper’ twice in IE removed the image from the source altogether.

I was hoping to get more things from the bug/feature request list into this release, but unfortunately I haven’t had time. As usual, please us the JavaScript Image Cropper UI code page to leave comments & bug reports etc. on the cropper UI.

I can’t believe how much attention and traffic I’ve been getting since I launched my JavaScript Image Cropper UI, the response has been amazing. The traffic is huge compared to what I was getting, and a lot more than I was expecting to get when I launched the site little over 8 months ago.

It has already had over 650 downloads with over 450 being of the latest version. I’m excited about the comments I’ve been getting on the cropper and I’ve been fascinated when following all the incoming links to the cropper to see where people are coming from and what people are saying about it.
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Just another quick update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI to bring it to version 1.1.2, this update includes a single fix to ratios. I had noticed when I put together the demo page and added the widescreen (16:9) ratio demo that there was something a little off in my ratio calculations.

This was brought to my attention again in a couple of comments by Andy Skelton, who also supplied a patch to the issue.

See the 16:9 ratio demo to see the patch in action or head over to the code page for the downloads.

Thanks again to Andy for submitting this patch so quickly.

Just another quick update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI to bring it to version 1.1.1, this update includes the following:

See the demo page to test the new fixes or head over to the code page for the downloads.

I’ve just updated the JavaScript Image Cropper UI to version 1.1.0, this update includes the following:

  • Added method to reset parameters – useful for when dynamically changing img the cropper is attached to.
  • Added method to remove cropper from image.
  • Fixed bug with IE constantly trying to reload select area background image.
  • Applied a more robust fix to Safari & IE rendering issues.

I have also updated the demo page to include a new demo that uses the new ability to dynamically change the image or remove the cropper, this is also included as one of the tests within the downloads.

For a current project I needed a browser based image cropping user interface, I wanted it to have the same features as found in something like Photoshop and be based on the Prototype JavaScript framework and possibly, as they are both being employed in the area this tool will be used, plus taking advantage of their power would reduce the weight impact of the interface.

I did quite a lot of searching for some ready made solutions and found none that had the complete feature set that I required or any complete versions based on Prototype, the closest I found was Encytemedia’s Prototype/ Javascript Image Cropper, but this is far from complete.

So after a week and a half of work, I present the JavaScript image cropper UI, built on Prototype &, there is also demo page which allows you to try out all the functionality of the image cropper UI.
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Last weekend I spent about 25 hours developing a prototype for a meeting we had with a potential client on the Monday. We started with a blank page at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and by 10:00 p.m. Sunday we had a pretty much fully functioning prototype which had a great design (in my opinion) and all the functionality that we intended to demonstrate. Continue reading this entry »

I’d like to start this post by saying that I really didn’t expect there to be so many JavaScript related posts on this site, but it’s just the area that I’ve spent more time developing in and finding interesting things to share about lately.

With that said I found this excellent Firefox extension called FireBug by Joe Hewitt last week, which is an excellent replacement to the default Firefox JavaScript console.
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I have lots of web development books covering a wide range of topics from domain design & modelling for your application through to those dealing with the user interface. However yesterday it occurred to me that out of all these books I only really have one which I use on a regular basis, one which I take with me where ever I do any web development.
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