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CFStatShot watching multiple Coldfusion servers
I’m releasing a Yahoo Widget that I created a long time ago and have been meaning to release for quite a while too.

The story all begins when I took over the Coldfusion platform support for, I started to find myself spending a bit of time watching cfstat on the servers to get a feel for the current status of the machines. As we had multiple servers (then 4, now 6) and only being able to get to cfstat directly on the machine, this was not really practicable.

What I really wanted was a little desktop application that could give me the headlines of cfstat for as many servers as we had, all in an easy to digest format, the result is the CFStatShot Yahoo Desktop Widget.

I had the following date string from a data dump file 11-APR-07, without looking at the Coldfusion documentation I pass the string to lsParseDateTime() and dump the output to see if it parses the string correctly, which results in {ts ‘2007-04-11 00:00:00’}.

Great it worked! So I move on to writing my test case (yes, yes I know it should have been the other way around).
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I and a small team have been writing a small application in PHP using CakePHP, which we all have an ongoing love-hate relationship with.

However we have been thinking that to really get things moving forward quicker we might move to Coldfusion. We currently have a dedicated server which runs my family of sites which is a LAMP box running.
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As I have mentioned before, or as anyone who practices OO in Coldfusion will know, that object instantiation in Coldfusion has quite a bit of overhead.

I’ve seen a few thoughts about how to best work around this, such as the above post on Java vs CFC instantiation by Mark Drew and the ideas presented by Peter Bell with regards to iterating business objects which I’ve mentioned before.
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I’ve just had to work on a task which creates a couple of CSV report files for an external business partner and then uploads them to their secure FTP server. In it’s original state it was using the Putty FTP client by writing a batch file and then having a scheduled task execute that batch file later (as the Coldfusion could not execute the batch file).
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At work today I spent quite a bit of time shouting and throwing things at my monitor, it tends to take the brunt of my frustrations when things really annoy me. The reason for my frustration today was Coldfusion’s WSConfig tool, which is supposed to easily allow you to configure web servers or individual sites (in the case of IIS anyway, I’ve not tried with Apache yet) to work with the Coldfusion JRun connector.
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Recently I’ve been trying to catch up with a huge backlog of my Podcasts and while listening through these recently one of them made me emotional enough to shout at my radio in the car. So I figured if this was something that had the ability to get me that emotional, maybe I should share my reasons for this with others, so here I am, I’m a sharing kind of guy (unless it’s my round).

The topic in question that got me shouting at my radio and making fellow commuters stare ahead more intensely than before was Object Orientated Programming, more specifically the use of some of the basic data OO patterns within Coldfusion.
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I was notified yesterday by a friend of mine Martin Laine that Ben Forta had blogged about a interview with me on Web Wire.

First of all, wow, Ben Forta – so it was just a passing mention, but for anyone working in the CF or Flex development fields Ben Forta is a very important and influential figure. Secondly, I still find it amazing how quickly the web moves, I received the final copy of the interview copy in my inbox on Thursday afternoon and by Friday morning it had been picked up by Ben Forta and relayed to myself via Martin.

Finally the interview on Web Wire appears to have been edited a little, I’ll try and get my hands on the original and post it here.

A couple of weekends ago I took my first real look at Flex 2.0 Beta. To say that I loved it is an understatement, I’ve even added a Flex category to my site in anticipation of many future posts about it.

I simply spent the weekend watching the demo videos & running through all of the tutorials and then started to play around with the Coldfusion/Flex connectivity and believe I grasped a large amount of how to work with Flex 2.0 within that time.
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Just now I wanted to compare a couple of arrays in Coldfusion to ensure they were both exactly the same. I knew that CFCUnit had this functionality and I had even pottered through the code a while back to see how it was done and had noticed that it was doing actual.equals(expected) or something like that, where both actual and expected are the arrays to compare.
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