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I decided quite a while ago, probably about 18 months ago, that I wasn’t going to attempt to style form controls any more.

This was based on my personal experience and my personal preference – I think your average user appreciates being able to easily identify a text box, a form button etc. – as forms can be confronting beasts to some people. If you leave all the form controls in their default style in the users chosen browser then at least they can readily and quickly identify and understand them.
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I got into using pretty late on and I’ve only really used it to store my bookmarks so I can access them from anywhere.

Although it’s not perfect for my requirements until today I thought the only downfall with it was the fact that I can’t integrate the bookmarks into Firefox better, I’m talking a sidebar that acts like my homepage and lets me type in the tags to filter those.

But this evening I started using to look for some popular font sites, I’ve not really done much searching on so far and I don’t think I will again for some time either.
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I’ve had a couple of newsletter emails from System of a Down which are screaming at me (read all caps) about how I can listen to their new album Hypnotize exclusively on the websites for MTV & MTV2 from today.
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