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Once again it’s been a long time since I released an update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI, for reference v1.2.1 was released in 2009 and the previous version in 2006!

There was a comment recently basically saying that it “used to be great but is not supported as the last update was 2009”, which is quite far from the truth; as anyone who contacts me with a problem/question that I can replicate or help with can attest to. The long times between updates with the cropper are purely because the script is stable (thanks in no small part to building on top of stable & well maintained libraries) and continues to work for people who download it and I haven’t had reports of any issues that would require a new general release.

However I have received information from a few people noting that they were having some issues in IE9. Not having that at hand to test I could only go on the few 3rd party reports I had, but now I’ve managed to test in IE9 and have ensured all the examples work. This only required updating to the latest versions of prototype & and no other changes.

So the 1.2.2 release contains no new code, only updated examples & the IE9 support notice (that you’ll probably need the latest versions of the libs for it to work). This post is more for the “I/its not dead” message.

Just came across these very handy tips for improving irb or script/console over at Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots, it’s well worth a quick look.

Lunar photograph, one of the first using my new telescopeI have just come in from another night of playing with the best present I have ever received, a telescope.

It’s something I’ve wanted for a while, but never desperately enough that I’ve done any serious research or examining of the options, or even looked in a telescope shop. However my girlfriend on the other hand must have done quite a bit of research as the telescope she got me for my birthday is not a cheap entry level small telescope, it’s actually quite a large and ‘proper’ telescope (with all sorts of stuff on the mount that I have no idea what it does at the moment) and it’s amazing.
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I’ve just made some improvements to how I plan to maintain the resources for the JavaScript Image Cropper UI (this is part of my plans for the V2 phase) this evening, which are as follows:
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I’ve read a few stories about people who having been sued by the RIAA for downloading music have stood up and counter-sued or at least fought it in court; but this one looks like it could be one of the best. It looks like they’ve really put some thought (and legal council) into the issue and come up with some great countersuits.

It’s great to see people stand up against this, but again it’s such a shame that people have to fight the RIAA in this manner. Surely it would be better all-round to embrace the many great potentials that the web as a distribution channel presents?

Link from Boing Boing.