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Just to get you up to speed if you don’t know what Hulu is and what situation is before I get to the rebuttal I found today:

Hulu is a (US only) website which allows you to stream TV shows (in pretty good quality) to your computer via Flash, it has deals with some of the major US TV companies and has shows added very shortly after they are originally aired and seem to stay available online for a long time (e.g. much more than the 7 days you get with the iPlayer). You get very few advert interruptions, roughly 4 or 5 for a program that would run an hour on TV, and the adverts generally only last around 15 seconds or so, aiming to take the amount of time that you would normally spend fast forwarding through 3+ minutes worth of adverts if you recorded a program on your PVR.

It really is a top-notch user experience and it is the kind of thing that could really take off big, and from what I’ve seen of other services is the closest thing in to my In an ideal world thoughts when I wrote about the BBC iPlayer over a year ago.
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I used the BBC iPlayer for the first time yesterday so I decided I’d share my thoughts on that and as it turns out a few other things with regards to on demand TV.

Firstly I must make the point that I have the a home made Personal Video Recorder (PVR, using GB-PVR) which I had and used for nearly 3 years and a Sky+ box. Both of these have really helped me detach from being locked into the TV schedule and digital recordings are much more liberating than VCR’s ever were. I rarely use my PVR anymore, only as a DVD player and to watch older recorded/downloaded programs & films – but it would be the perfect machine for any on demand TV software, in my opinion.
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TV Networks Suck

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Day Break
I don’t really get into new TV series that much, due to a few facts, the main ones are that I don’t really watch much TV outside of things I know I like so I don’t get any exposure to them and that I don’t like being tied to TV schedules e.g. having to wait for the next episode. I long for real TV on demand. I prefer TV that I can dip in and out of, usually comedies like Family Guy, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Dad and South Park and anything on Discovery etc. especially Mythbusters, this is TV made for my PVR, I don’t need to watch the next episode and I can watch them when I please and in any order I like.
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