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It’s been a long time since I released an update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI (for reference v1.2.0 was released on 30th Oct 2006!).

However it is still going strong and a couple of things prompted me to release this update to bring it to v1.2.1.

The first thing was Tom Hirashima (sorry Tom, wasn’t sure if you have a site you want me to link to) sent me an email last week with an update to the code to allow it to work with the latest versions of Prototype & out of the box ( & 1.8.2 respectively). Although the last time I tried the cropper with the latest versions of them both it worked fine, you just had to change the bundles that included, Tom has made some further changes. This is a good thing as for the past couple of years I’ve pretty much been out of the prototype & loop having moved to MooTools and now jQuery (which I hated at first, but that’s another story).

The second thing was that the cropper was mentioned (and my how old does this site design look to me now) in the latest (and as usual excellent) Railscast, Cropping Images.

As a part of integrating Tom’s changes I decided to tackle a load of bugs from the bug list to try and reduce the list so I can keep on top of it better going forward (a long list of open bugs is never conducive to getting any of them fixed).
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It seems that recently I’ve been sending quite a few emails that require me to attach things to them. I’ve always had a bit of a problem, which from my experience of receiving emails also seems to be quite common, of writing the email first and then forgetting to add the attachment.

This usually results in me (just seconds after sending the email) having to write a short follow-up email saying how I’d forgot to attach them and ensure with the attachments included (as it’s really bad when you forget the attachments on this second email).
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I’ve had a list of changes and updates to apply to the JavaScript Image Cropper for quite a while now and I have been thinking of these in a lot more detail recently. There are lots of changes that I plan to make that would bring the cropper up to V2 level and ensure that it remains a viable cropping solution for the future.
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CFStatShot watching multiple Coldfusion servers
I’m releasing a Yahoo Widget that I created a long time ago and have been meaning to release for quite a while too.

The story all begins when I took over the Coldfusion platform support for, I started to find myself spending a bit of time watching cfstat on the servers to get a feel for the current status of the machines. As we had multiple servers (then 4, now 6) and only being able to get to cfstat directly on the machine, this was not really practicable.

What I really wanted was a little desktop application that could give me the headlines of cfstat for as many servers as we had, all in an easy to digest format, the result is the CFStatShot Yahoo Desktop Widget.

Now I didn’t expect to hear this when I came into work this morning:

"Dude, look Safari on Windows"

I was a little incredulous at first, but it turns out it’s true you can now get Safari for Windows.

While this is interesting I think I’ll be sticking with Firefox, as I’ve never got on with Safari on the Mac anyway. I’ll give it a try though as it does seem silly fast compared to the other Windows browsers.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a little bit anal when it comes to organising things on my computer and just have to have it all the way I want it. When listening to a recent edition of the Security Now podcast (that’s right I said podcast, Netcast my ass) on my way home last night I couldn’t help get excited by the mention of allSnap. As, from the description of it, this offers something I’ve wanted for almost ever, but never really searched for — it allows all top level windows (in Windows) to snap to each other and the desktop boundaries.
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At work today I spent quite a bit of time shouting and throwing things at my monitor, it tends to take the brunt of my frustrations when things really annoy me. The reason for my frustration today was Coldfusion’s WSConfig tool, which is supposed to easily allow you to configure web servers or individual sites (in the case of IIS anyway, I’ve not tried with Apache yet) to work with the Coldfusion JRun connector.
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Taskbar Shuffle

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If you’re anything like me (read: anal and a perfectionist) then when dealing with multiple programs in Windows you may like to have your programs in a given order in the task bar. For example if I’m testing some CSS/JS in multiple browsers I usually have them in order of Firefox, IE 5.5, IE 6 and Opera (maybe a couple of versions of Opera) from left to right (that list included IE 5.0 until recently), another situation is when I have multiple file transfer windows open to each of our clustered web servers.

In the browser example if one of those browsers crashed, usually IE 5.5 or 5.0 in the hacky multiple browser setup you need to do for IE, then they’d be out of order and it really bugged me. Well it bugs me no more, thanks to the wonderful (and free) Taskbar Shuffle, which allows me to reorder taskbar entries. If you too like to keep your taskbar in order then this download is a must for you.