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Over a year long period between 2001-2002 I created a short 3D animation in my spare time entitled "The Mime". This was an attempt to create a centre piece for my portfolio when I was looking for a job as an animator and it was completed within about a year long period purely in my spare time.

As I mentioned previously the supporting site for the animation went off-line with my last server and I’ve taken some time out to resurrect the site; mainly for posterity.
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Ok, yes I know you’re not sure what Ignite Sounds or Ignite Image are, basically combined they are my pet project which I spend nearly all of my free time on – I’m sure that I’ll do a more detailed post about these quite soon.

This post is about the launch of second site produced under the Ignite Sounds umbrella, with the first site being for the Leeds band Brody.
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