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I meant to link to this last week, but I’m glad other things got in the way as the article has progressed giving both sides of the story.

Pete at posted a well referenced article entitled An Open Letter to the Hilltop Hoods after taking offence at some comments made on a DVD by the Australian Hip-Hop band Hilltop Hoods.
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I’ve been following the emerging stories about the Sony “rootkit” with quite a bit of interest. I’m not going to gather all the links together in this post as the Wired post Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit does a good job of that and explaining the issue overall.

This is the kind of thing that disgusts me with the current state of the entertainment industry and it’s attempts to protect their self-centered rights over anything else.

I’ve had a couple of newsletter emails from System of a Down which are screaming at me (read all caps) about how I can listen to their new album Hypnotize exclusively on the websites for MTV & MTV2 from today.
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Digital Wrongs

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It seems that lately a single day hasn’t gone by without me reading something about DRM, whether it is some new take on DRM or someone’s personal experience of DRM.

I can see both sides of the argument, why companies feel it could be a good way to prevent piracy and why it annoys the hell out of the end user. There are many factors involved, but fundamentally I’m one of those that sees DRM as evil (at least in its current form).
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