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Just a very quick post to let you all know that my community-driven music recommendation site Where to Start With has just left private beta. Not only that but we have launched what we think is a killer new feature, there is a lot more detail (and a screencast) in the blog post over at our Where to Start With blog.

Screenshot of the Where To Start With homepage
I’d like to introduce to you my brand new site Where to Start With, which I have been working on in my spare time for a while (more on this in future posts).

The elevator pitch for Where to Start With goes like this:

Where to Start With helps you when you’re trying out new bands and artists by providing community-powered recommendations written by die hard fans.

If that new band you want to try has 10 CD’s out, then Where to Start With will give you… well, where to start with them!

The whole idea behind this site came from a need me and my friend found ourselves having; many times we would hear a song or read about a band that sounded interesting but then when we did go to try that band we would find they had a handful of releases out already. Where is the best place to start with them? Traditionally unless you got a specific recommendation for an album you would just try the lucky dip approach and hope you found a winner. If you got lucky you might have just found your new favourite band, however if you picked a rotten egg you may dismiss your potential new favourite band based on your opinion of one of their poorer releases.
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I’ve read a few stories about people who having been sued by the RIAA for downloading music have stood up and counter-sued or at least fought it in court; but this one looks like it could be one of the best. It looks like they’ve really put some thought (and legal council) into the issue and come up with some great countersuits.

It’s great to see people stand up against this, but again it’s such a shame that people have to fight the RIAA in this manner. Surely it would be better all-round to embrace the many great potentials that the web as a distribution channel presents?

Link from Boing Boing.

I’ve just read this great little interview with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). It doesn’t give much insight into his music and new album etc. but it’s another great slice of artist’s views on the music industry and the record labels continued resistance, and stupidity, to the changes in the way in which we consume music.

Last night I came home to an email from my friend Stuart with the subject line This is special.

The email simply contained 2 links to some videos on YouTube, which turned out to be (the cryptic YouTube URLs don’t reveal the contents beforehand) two videos of guitarist Andy McKee.
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Has Been

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William Shatner, Has Been CD front cover photograph
Has Been implies failure, not so. – William Shatner, "Has Been", "Has Been" 2004

The William Shatner album Has Been was recommended to me by a work colleague earlier this year (but the album was released a couple of years ago) and I feel it’s about time to pass on this recommendation to anyone I can because it is simply fantastic.
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Today I’m proud to announce the launch of a site I have been working on for quite a while, so without further to do I introduce to you Ignite Image, web design for musicians. is a website for my web design company Ignite Image, which specialises in creating stylish, modern, accessible, functional, professional, exciting and standards compliant websites for bands and musicians. I’m extremely proud of both the aims and objectives of this website and company and the website itself.
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Really, 4.5 cents per 99 cent sale on iTunes, you really know how to treat your artists well. If you’re not crippling their meatspace releases with DRM then you’re applying the same (none existant) overhead charges to their digital downloads, from the suit filed by Sony artists:
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A recent addition to my blog rotation, Writers Block Live, is that a ex Apple employee. In a recent it was nice to hear the story of a meeting that took place during the development of iTunes with a record company president, Howie Klein, who actually understood the impact of MP3’s on the way music will be consumed.
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This really starting to get silly, even though I think the logic behind the recent actions of the music industry is flawed, I do understand where that flawed logic comes from – trying to protect their bottom line from piracy.

However the latest round of actions is starting to take the biscuit.
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