I've previously highlighted the geekery that is using pseudo-code for non code related activities (in my case an IM insult) and just though I'd share this lovely example from Null is Love:

  1. piper = Baby.new(:name => 'Piper',
  2.                  :born => '2008-06-09 18:22:00 EDT',
  3.                  :weight => {:lbs => 6, :oz => 8},
  4.                  :length => {:inches => 21.25})
  6. skoglunds.children <<piper
  8. piper.daily do |p|
  9.   8.times do
  10.     p.eat
  11.     p.poop
  12.     p.sleep
  13.   end
  14. end

Lunar photograph, one of the first using my new telescopeI have just come in from another night of playing with the best present I have ever received, a telescope.

It's something I've wanted for a while, but never desperately enough that I've done any serious research or examining of the options, or even looked in a telescope shop. However my girlfriend on the other hand must have done quite a bit of research as the telescope she got me for my birthday is not a cheap entry level small telescope, it's actually quite a large and 'proper' telescope (with all sorts of stuff on the mount that I have no idea what it does at the moment) and it's amazing.
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