I used the BBC iPlayer for the first time yesterday so I decided I’d share my thoughts on that and as it turns out a few other things with regards to on demand TV.

Firstly I must make the point that I have the a home made Personal Video Recorder (PVR, using GB-PVR) which I had and used for nearly 3 years and a Sky+ box. Both of these have really helped me detach from being locked into the TV schedule and digital recordings are much more liberating than VCR’s ever were. I rarely use my PVR anymore, only as a DVD player and to watch older recorded/downloaded programs & films – but it would be the perfect machine for any on demand TV software, in my opinion.
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I’ve just read this interesting post on how to speed up your web application with an automated system for working with browsers cache for your assets (CSS, JavaScript, images etc.).

Previously I’ve used query strings parameters within asset requests so that they act as a ‘cache bust’ parameter, these have usually been the source control revision number and is built into the release process. But I’ve never taken the step of force an expiry date on content that can be cached and the solution in the post is a lot more fine grained than my previous solutions. Something to consider for the future.