I know you, just like me, has looked for a cool throbber/loader graphic for your web application more than one. Go on admit it.

Well there is no need to search any more as I’ve found a site that lets you create one from many available styles: AjaxLoad.info. Fantastic!

I just read a post on Autosport.com on the subject of a failed trademark application for exclusive rights to the abbreviation "F1" and I found it very odd and interesting that the Trademark Registry cited content found on Wikipedia in their response:

As Wikipedia comments, F1 is the highest class of single-seat, open-wheel formula auto racing. There is no hint in the Wikipedia references to indicate that F1 is seen as anything other than a particular form of motor racing…

Maybe this marks some sort of watershed in the arguments as to the validity of Wikipedia, or maybe that’s already been and gone and this is the first time I’ve noticed it. Any which way I thought it was interesting.