I’ve had a site hosting an animation of mine called The Mime since mid 2002. I did have in mind to have for the site to be from the perspective of The Mime from the film and that he would have a diary etc. etc.

This was back when I was hoping to work in some sort field in 3D animation, that is before I accidentally became a full-time web developer (don’t worry I’ve progressed a lot since I did the site for the animation).
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Pseudo Code Insult

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A recent tradition in our inter-office messenger chat has been to talk in pseudo-code, usually just because it makes a statement a lot more funnier. Yes it's a little (ok, a lot) geeky.

Today I received this message:

  1. if( time() == $dave->getBirthday() ) {
  2.     $dave->setAge( $dave->getAge() + 1 );
  4.     if( $dave->getAge()> $michael->getAge() ) {
  5.         michael->laugh();
  6.         die($laughing);
  7.     }
  8. }

I think someone's trying to say I'm old.

Now I didn't expect to hear this when I came into work this morning:

"Dude, look Safari on Windows"

I was a little incredulous at first, but it turns out it's true you can now get Safari for Windows.

While this is interesting I think I'll be sticking with Firefox, as I've never got on with Safari on the Mac anyway. I'll give it a try though as it does seem silly fast compared to the other Windows browsers.

I've read a few stories about people who having been sued by the RIAA for downloading music have stood up and counter-sued or at least fought it in court; but this one looks like it could be one of the best. It looks like they've really put some thought (and legal council) into the issue and come up with some great countersuits.

It's great to see people stand up against this, but again it's such a shame that people have to fight the RIAA in this manner. Surely it would be better all-round to embrace the many great potentials that the web as a distribution channel presents?

Link from Boing Boing.

Every so often, in pretty much any field, something comes out or is released that I don't realise I've been missing until it's pointed out to me. Today it is a little proof of concept for toggling multiple check boxes by click-hold-drag. This is something that I've become familiar and comfortable with in desktop programs, but I never noticed it was missing from web browsers. Now this script has pointed out that it's not there - I miss it.