I decided quite a while ago, probably about 18 months ago, that I wasn’t going to attempt to style form controls any more.

This was based on my personal experience and my personal preference – I think your average user appreciates being able to easily identify a text box, a form button etc. – as forms can be confronting beasts to some people. If you leave all the form controls in their default style in the users chosen browser then at least they can readily and quickly identify and understand them.
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I’ve just read this great little interview with Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). It doesn’t give much insight into his music and new album etc. but it’s another great slice of artist’s views on the music industry and the record labels continued resistance, and stupidity, to the changes in the way in which we consume music.

Quiet Times

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I’ve been very quiet recently due to two things, firstly I had been working pretty much ever spare hour my new project (more details to come soon) and then 3 almost weeks ago I got the keys to my first house. It’s needed quite a bit of work (OK it didn’t need it, but it really was the best time to do it) so I’ve spent pretty much every spare hour in the house – I hadn’t been near a computer for the first 8 days of getting the keys for my house.
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