Railo website homepage screenshot
I was called over to Stu’s desk earlier today when he asked me "Dude, have you heard of Ralio?" (which is a Java Coldfusion – CFML – interpreter or engine).

"Yes I have", I replied.

"Just imagine for a second you didn’t know about it and take a look at this", he said pointing to the Railo website open on his screen.
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Tip Jar
A very, very generous donation I received yesterday for my JavaScript Image Cropper UI reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend Martin Laine quite a while ago during an instant messenger conversation when we both happened to get donations for our separate coding projects (him for his fantastic Audio Player WordPress plugin and me for my JavaScript Image Cropper UI – again) at the same time.

That conversation, I feel, gives quite a concise view of what donations mean to people like me and Martin (and possibly everyone else who asks for donations to support their free projects) so I thought I would share it here to give you the view from the other side of the PayPal account.
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