I’m currently in the middle of writing a reusable little JavaScript utility, which I’ll probably release when it’s finished, for one of my many projects and I wanted to employ unit testing as part of the development process, as I believe in the benefits of it quite strongly.

However my previous experience with unit testing JavaScript haven’t been the most pleasent, I have tried the most common nUnit variations for JS, the best of which was JSUnit. But I always found this a little cumbersome and difficult to use, however I had recently read about the unit testing available with script.aculo.us and although the only documentation I could find was the PDF available at mir.aculo.us I thought I’d give it a go.
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TV Networks Suck

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Day Break
I don’t really get into new TV series that much, due to a few facts, the main ones are that I don’t really watch much TV outside of things I know I like so I don’t get any exposure to them and that I don’t like being tied to TV schedules e.g. having to wait for the next episode. I long for real TV on demand. I prefer TV that I can dip in and out of, usually comedies like Family Guy, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Dad and South Park and anything on Discovery etc. especially Mythbusters, this is TV made for my PVR, I don’t need to watch the next episode and I can watch them when I please and in any order I like.
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Last night I came home to an email from my friend Stuart with the subject line This is special.

The email simply contained 2 links to some videos on YouTube, which turned out to be (the cryptic YouTube URLs don’t reveal the contents beforehand) two videos of guitarist Andy McKee.
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As I have mentioned before, or as anyone who practices OO in Coldfusion will know, that object instantiation in Coldfusion has quite a bit of overhead.

I’ve seen a few thoughts about how to best work around this, such as the above post on Java vs CFC instantiation by Mark Drew and the ideas presented by Peter Bell with regards to iterating business objects which I’ve mentioned before.
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Has Been

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William Shatner, Has Been CD front cover photograph
Has Been implies failure, not so. – William Shatner, "Has Been", "Has Been" 2004

The William Shatner album Has Been was recommended to me by a work colleague earlier this year (but the album was released a couple of years ago) and I feel it’s about time to pass on this recommendation to anyone I can because it is simply fantastic.
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I’ve just had to work on a task which creates a couple of CSV report files for an external business partner and then uploads them to their secure FTP server. In it’s original state it was using the Putty FTP client by writing a batch file and then having a scheduled task execute that batch file later (as the Coldfusion could not execute the batch file).
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