As I’ve mentioned before I’m a little bit anal when it comes to organising things on my computer and just have to have it all the way I want it. When listening to a recent edition of the Security Now podcast (that’s right I said podcast, Netcast my ass) on my way home last night I couldn’t help get excited by the mention of allSnap. As, from the description of it, this offers something I’ve wanted for almost ever, but never really searched for — it allows all top level windows (in Windows) to snap to each other and the desktop boundaries.
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Screenshot of JavaScript struct dump output I came across this funky little script earlier today which allows you to dump variables of any data type in JavaScript and presents the results in exactly the same format as the default output of a <cfdump var="#myVar#" /> in Coldfusion.

I really like the completeness of this script, how it handles the node elements and the cross browser support. I’ve not tried using it in development yet and I doubt it would replace my console.log() calls in Firefox when using Firebug, as that offers so much more, but for the poorer members of the web browser family (poor little IE) I can definitely see it coming in handy.

Picture of a can of Spam
I’ve had this on my list of post ideas for months now and haven’t seemed to get round to posting about it, but a recent question from a friend about what I used to handle comment spam reminded me about it.

I use WordPress to power this site and ever since day one I received lots of spam, at first I just manually cleaned them up but once I started getting some decent traffic I had to move onto a more automated solution. So looked at lots of different plugins for WordPress and tried about 5 or 6 until I came across the fantastic Spam Karma plugin , since that day I haven’t looked back.
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