When I saw Steve Jobs present iWeb at the January Expo, the interface reminded me a lot of another Apple product; Pages.

I liked the look of the interface, just as I like the interface of Pages and I can see the market that Apple are aiming for with these products – the home computer user who wishes to make their creative output appear more professional.

My other first thought was "I bet the code output is awful", apparently I was in the minority there.
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I got into using del.icio.us pretty late on and I’ve only really used it to store my bookmarks so I can access them from anywhere.

Although it’s not perfect for my requirements until today I thought the only downfall with it was the fact that I can’t integrate the bookmarks into Firefox better, I’m talking a sidebar that acts like my del.icio.us homepage and lets me type in the tags to filter those.

But this evening I started using del.icio.us to look for some popular font sites, I’ve not really done much searching on del.icio.us so far and I don’t think I will again for some time either.
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Updated the PHPUnit2 HTML Runner to apply a fix provided by Glen Ogilvie for the Formatter when it tries to find the original exception that was thrown.

I also tided the Formatter up a bit by adding much needed comments to explain the functionality it provides in the context of the HTML Runner.
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Last weekend I spent about 25 hours developing a prototype for a meeting we had with a potential client on the Monday. We started with a blank page at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and by 10:00 p.m. Sunday we had a pretty much fully functioning prototype which had a great design (in my opinion) and all the functionality that we intended to demonstrate. Continue reading this entry »