The latest version (1.5) of the Firefox browser was launched today.

However one thing about the launch did puzzle me.
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Recently I have been doing quite a lot of development in JavaScript and I have taken a look at a couple of JavaScript frameworks mainly focusing onthe Dojo toolkit and Prototype. Both of these have their strengths and weaknesses, I must point out one of the biggest strengths of Dojo is, in my opinion, the Dojo.require() method which allows dynamic inclusion of those files/packages required for a given script.

Currently the biggest weakness of both of these is locating documentation, I started by just exploring the source and trying to figure out what functionality they provided.
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Since starting to use Mach-II I have asked (and seen many others ask) the question; "Can I split the mach-ii.xml config file to make it more manageable."

There have been a few responses over time ranging from "you don’t need to" to split it into sub-applications, but just now on the Mach-II Coldfusion Topica list Jon Gunnip has posted an interesting solution to the problem.
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This is genius, Jake2 is a Java port of the id software classic Quake 2. It can be launched direct from the website by clicking the "play now" button and will automatically download the Quake 2 demo data files to run in the demo mode. Even better if you have the Quake 2 CD kicking around you can use the files run the full game.
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I’ve just spent the last couple of evenings playing around with SVG in the latest beta release of Firefox, as I have SVG in mind for a potential little side project.

My tests involve quite a lot of JavaScript, which are adding interactivity to the SVG, and as I have mentioned earlier one of the problems I have with JavaScript is trying to figure out what is going at run-time when things don’t go according to plan (but no errors are thrown), this is exactly what was happening with my SVG.
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I’ve been following the emerging stories about the Sony “rootkit” with quite a bit of interest. I’m not going to gather all the links together in this post as the Wired post Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit does a good job of that and explaining the issue overall.

This is the kind of thing that disgusts me with the current state of the entertainment industry and it’s attempts to protect their self-centered rights over anything else.

I’ve had a couple of newsletter emails from System of a Down which are screaming at me (read all caps) about how I can listen to their new album Hypnotize exclusively on the websites for MTV & MTV2 from today.
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Updated Application Constants Mach-II PHP Plugin which addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed spelling mistake that caused PHP notice to be thrown when constants file has no common block.
  • Fixed bug whereby absolute paths for constants file would throw “file not found” exception.
  • Fixed bug in exception handling which would cause Mach-II to die.

View the Application Constants Mach-II PHP code page for the download and instructions on it’s implementation.

I’m in the midst of resurrecting another of my old sites in which I’m using the old design but bringing the HTML & CSS up to scratch.

The design calls for the site to be a 760 x 420 pixel container centered both horizontally and vertically within the navigator.
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Mach-II 1.1.0 CF is now out. I’m guessing that most of the Mach-II community knows about this by now as even though they don’t seem too keen on shouting about things over at the official Mach-II site nearly everyone in the community has mentioned it.

I’ve not had time to look at it properly yet, but I’m definitely going to make time over the next couple of weeks to begin implementing it in our applications at work. This basically means cleaning up some of the cruft, but I want to implement it because of the following features:
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