About Me

My name is Dave Spurr and I hail from Leeds, England. I’ve being a full-time web developer since 2002 and in a very short time (2 years) I had moved from being a junior developer to senior developer at a highly successful company with an equally successful portfolio of web sites.

About DEfusion.org.uk

DEfusion.org.uk was originally setup in the tail end of the good old 90’s to host my work. At that time I was at Art College and during my spare time I was creating prefabs for Quake 2 and later Half-Life and needed somewhere to host my work as it started to become quite popular.

Within days it was decided that I needed a new moniker for the site by some visitors (apparently "Dave Spurr’s Prefabs" wasn’t cool enough or something), so I choose a new name for myself and the site which was – for some reason – "DEfusion"

Many years later, after losing my original hosting and majority of the content, I’ve decided it’s time for my over-opinionated ramblings to be once again released upon the globe.

What to expect from this site

Over-opinionated ramblings.
I hope I’ll be able to post on a semi-regular basis on all sorts of topics – but I expect quite a lot of them to be web related.